Introversion and Self Denial (aka. Hiding from Everything)

I haven't been doing a lot of writing in recent months (or even recent years for that matter) because I seem to feel to introverted from the rest of the world right now. It's a scary damn place and I have withdrawn myself away from the world into my own little world. It's been very suburban of me, honestly.

It certainly doesn't mean I don't know what is going on in the world, and I probably know better than 90% of Americans what is happening in my country, and the implications of such. I know that the middle of the country is gaining power based on the newest census, and that their ideals are not compatible with those "on the perimeter" of the country.

One of the biggest things I haven't been doing more frequently that I should is to watch the news more often, and keep on top of what all those nutty pundits are saying; people like Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, and those ilk that spread outright lies and revisionist history in the name of "news". (I won't include Bill O'Reilly in this group. Believe it or not, I think he isn't a liar but someone who tells the truth with his own political bend, not unlike myself.)

Society is crumbling around us. We have people who think the greatest cure to life is that families should pay no taxes, the rich should pay no taxes, and we should provide a great array of social services to those who continue to have children. People believe that good health is not a right, not a privilege for a few. With nine percent plus unemployment and an increasing number of 99ers (those whose 99 weeks of unemployment have run out) you would think that things would be shifting in the progressive (or LIBERAL!) direction.

Instead, people move back to the conservative policies like those of G.W. Bush who created this mess in the first place. Why? Because they are sold a bill of goods that the rich create jobs (false) and that one day, they might be one of those rich people who won't want to be taxed.

In reality, small businesses create jobs. Ask any person why they don't "work for themselves" and I guarantee their number one answer would be "health insurance" and not wanting to lose that coverage that their workplace 'working for the rich' provides. So in essence, what is the easiest way to drive small business and create jobs? Offer everyone universal healthcare in a simplified format, move medical research back to academia where it belongs, and it creates no concerns about getting cancer after starting that new business that will create jobs. 

"Corporate America" sells this concept that everyone should work for them, and through consolidation, has created a perfect storm of a few companies controlling the destinies of everyone in the country.  Unfortunately, the people of this country have bought into this.

So it is time for me to pay closer attention, write more, and bring attention to this issues to those who care about the country, their future, and the futures of their children and their children's children. We have the power to control where society will go, but we have to be educated, pay attention, and make sure to keep everyone else honest and ensure false propaganda isn't being spread in the name of "the right".