Sky Corgan is a blog about editorialization of the world. This includes aspects of politics, society, entertainment, technology, and anything else Skyler feels like blogging out.

Skyler Corgan is leftist in politics.

He believes the only way to do medicine is as a non-profit, single payer system in which everyone is afforded basic access to doctors, regular checkups, dental and vision care, and so called “advanced” procedures such as MRI and CAT scans.

He believes our public school systems are critical to success and that home schooling should under no circumstances be permitted. Everyone deserves an equal right to education, and we should provide more money to public schools and eliminate so-called magnet and charter schools that siphon money away from poorer institutions.

He believes technology should be simple to use, and should just work. Apple makes products for everyone to use. It isn’t that he can’t root a phone or work from a command prompt, it is that he feels he should not have to. He likes buttons and full screen apps and the ability to swipe from app to app and synergistic integration of notebook, tablet, and communicator.

He believes that the wealthiest Americans should pay their fair share, and that they should pay at least the tax rate of the poorest Americans, if not higher.

He believes fairness to all is required, and that anything the government does, whether Federal, State, or Local, should be free of copyright protections. He believes in the free exchange of information, respects the intellectual property of others, and expects high regulations to any industries, such as the various entertainment industries, who abuse their market power to extort high costs or inhibit creative flow of information.

He believes some wars are necessary, but no recent wars have been warranted.

He believes religion is destroying society, not fostering it. Belief in a greater power is nothing to denigrate, but how people express that belief and impose in onto others is.

Opinions on this site are my property. They don’t reflect the opinions of any employer in the past, present, or future and along all quantum realities.

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