I Used To Be Political

There was a time, many years ago, when I considered myself 'political'. Over the years, I have fallen away from my politics, and the need to ingest it all up. Probably the primary reason was the constant indigestion it was causing in recent years. 

In the 90s when I was in high school, I considered myself a moderate left leaning centrist; I was, by pure definition, a Clinton supporter. However, I also looked back at great presidents from the past, and I am including Nixon into this mix who despite his many failings, still pushed a 'progressive' agenda such as implementing the Environmental Protection Agency. As I've aged, I've done was people usually do the opposite of. I have moved further left.

As I look around the world, I see the problems. I analyze them, think about them, and let them stew in my overactive brain. In each and every time that I do this, I come up with the same conclusion each time. The conclusion is that we live in a greedy, self-serving society that would rather cast away the lessers of us than to support them, foster them, and help them grow personally and economically.

Not everyone in the world has the same potential. We tell kids that "you can be anything you want" but they can't. There are barriers in life, be they economic and educational. Some people just aren't as smart as others, some are not as ambitious, and some are just always thinking outside of the box instead of conforming. I put myself into the latter category. I can't seem to fit myself into the proverbial box, no matter how much I try. When I think about the things I do in life, and trying to be "more American", I just can't do it. I can't be as greedy, manipulative, and devious as others. This is simply not a set of traits that I posses.

As I think about that, and the fact that when I was a child growing up in the 80s, I looked up to people like Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush and admired fictional characters like Dan Fielding from Night Court. Now as I look back on that, I see it as it was. It was pure indoctrination, designed to move us towards those greedy ideals that would eventually push the country into the second largest economic decline in its history.

As we have a group of people with money and power leading us towards one direction, those of us who refuse to buy into this notion try to push the other direction. Unfortunately, and this is the crux of the problem, the people who push in progressive directions are too nice to those who are trying to push us towards selfishness. Instead of having the balls to say "NO!", they instead try to seek consensus, which apparently they believe means to give the other side whatever they want, regardless of your true ideals.

It is time for a progressive rising, and for those people on the left to rise up against the aggressors to common sense and the good will of all mankind. We want fairness, they want it all. We want good health for everyone, they want to limit health to those with the ability to pay.

The irony of the political process, and the reason why we have so many problems, is that the people who purport to believe in the kinds of things like fairness and helping the poor are also the same people fighting for the side of greed. The problem with those people is that they are either greedy as well, and don't believe the things they preach, or they are too stupid and are being manipulated by the powers with the money and media control. After all, if you believe in a virgin birth, talking burning trees, and an elderly man that collected two of every animal on Earth despite not being anywhere near many of the animals that existed, then they are stupid enough to believe antyhing being thrown at you by those with the wherewithal to manipulate them.

It's time for progressives to stand up and count off. Be vocal, be here and now, and fight against those who would rather everything go to the upper 1% rather than the rest of us. The conservatives are right about one thing, and that it is class warfare! Except they mischaracterize it. They claim it is about 'redistribution of wealth', which is correct. The difference in theory is the direction of that redistribution, and the fact that they are pushing our money, the people's money, to the wealthiest Americans.

It's nearly one month into the Republican controlled house. Where are the jobs, John Boehner?

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