Death, Taxes, and America

As I contemplate the fact that I have been living on this Earth for just a shade north of thirty-three years, I have to wonder about the direction the world is going in, and what the future for the Planet Earth will bring. 

The United States of America, undoubtedly still the most powerful country in the world and my home, is populated with people who would vote with their wildest ambitions than the reality of the situation. A failure to recognize that an increasing deficit for the federal government leads them to scream that the government needs to cut back on spending, while ignoring the fact that taxes just aren't that high.

This is a people, with record unemployment with no signs forward that it will let up, is against universal healthcare because of the "evil" of socialism that was conjured out of the thin air by the wealthy for fear of having to pay for the liver transplant of a poor person.

This is a people, with CEOs making hundreds of the times more than their salary still insist that "raising taxes" on these money-grubbing idiots will somehow hinder job growth; what will hinder job growth is that the wealthy can pocket their tax breaks and continue to cut the payrolls at their companies and ship the US jobs overseas.  They do this all under their delusional guise that one day, they themselves might be rich, and won't want the tax rate that is much lower than it was 50 years ago for the people making the same amount of money.

This is a people, who while not believing in the very real science of climate change, will drive around in the biggest, most petrol-guzzling vehicle they can find. Never mind the notion that even if "global warming" as they often misstate it is not real (hint: IT IS!) that they believe that it is a license to pollute and waste. "If global warming isn't real, it means we'll never run out of oil, and the rainforests are endless and plentiful."

This is a people who claim to be a "Christian Nation" despite plentiful documentation that the "founding fathers" of America were secularists. I suppose they'd rather hide behind the parts of them that were slave-owning misogynists. They fight to "share" the wealth, claiming it is "redistribution" of their money, while forgetting that their very religion explicitly states that you are not allowed to be rich. All the while, they decry homosexuals as "sinners" despite Jesus never saying a single word about homosexuality, and picking-and-choosing which parts to accept of their holy book. (Keep the man on man thing in there despite possible misinterpretation, but drop the daughter-stoning no interpretation needed parts.)

This is a people that wants the government to cut spending, as long as it doesn't affect the multitude of programs that they utilize, such as childcare credits. Make sure you pave all the roads in their neighborhood, but then cut funding once they have theirs. They believe that having a family demands that they should be provided "credit" on their taxes, and that their cost to fund the government should be lower despite the fact that their extra people on their family are a greater burden on the expenses of the government.

Here are the realities, despite the propoganda machines at work:

  • Socialized medicine works, ensures a healthier populace, and allows everyone access to the basic right of life.
  • Government has to give private industry a swift kick in the ass sometimes, because corporations have always placed profits above people, and will continue to do so.
  • Most people will not be extremely wealthy in their lives, and so therefore will not be impacted by the higher tax rates.
  • Rich people don't create jobs; they hoard money. When they do spend it, they don't spend it where they live, or where you live. They spend it in foreign counties on nice boats that they don't have to pay taxes on.
  • Roads have to be paved, otherwise you can't drive on them. Taxes pay for roads. A corporation owning a road would not repair it, because it would be 'good enough' and would cut into their profits.
  • Families create a massive burden of expense on the government. Instead of a massive tax credit for each child, you should get one; after that, your taxes should go up to pay for your extra children. People claim they should be able to have all the children they want, but they don't realize the number of government services they utilize to raise these children.
  • "Conservative" means standing still; "Progressive" means moving forward, "Liberal" means "time to get our asses in gear". (Coincidentally, "Democrat" means "yellow-backed liberal who won't stand on principles.)
  •  Everyone's life is limited, everything's life is limited. If we don't get off this hurtling rock we call Earth, the human species is doomed to extinction. It isn't an "if" but a "when". At some point in the future the planet will not be habitable, and your children's children may not live to experience it.

As a species and a people, we have to begin to think about how we can all come together to work to better the Earth. Not just America, not just North America, and not just the "allies", but everyone on the planet. Every day we move forward at our current pace of progress, we further doom ourselves, or economy, and ultimately, our very existence. You and I will be long dead before this happens, but on your deathbed will you think, "I made a difference. Humans will go on." or will you think, "I don't know what will happen beyond me."

Circle of life. Don't break it.

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