The United States in 2011

The Republican Part is slated to take control of at least the House of Representatives in 2011 after the election on Tuesday; there is a chance in the Senate, but it is less clear since many of the "tea party" candidates are fizzling when it was realized they were out of their minds, or witches, or both.

What this means to every America, and to the country as a whole, is a return to regressive policies, as well as new attacks on the President, as well as human decency.

So what will we face in 2011 if the Republicans take control of the congress?

  • Attempts to impeach Barack Obama, despite no evidence of wrongdoing, and in fact this will be a witch hunt to find the slightest bit of anything they can. After all, they went after Bill Clinton for a blow job, and not for what he did as a President.
  • Repeal of at least a part of the healthcare reforms, or Healthcare-Lite as it is today. In the future, we will return to a time when pre-existing conditions can make someone inelligible, and enabling insurance companies to drop people when they get sick. After all, profit above all else.
  • Anyone of a minority class will continue to be oppressed, gay rights will be rolled back, and we will begin a full-fledged move towards the ultimate goal of the far-right: adoption of a theocracy.

Frankly, this scares the hell out of me. The "majority" will hold control of their majority, and oppress others, as much as they can, while the poor and oppressed will continue to be as such.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, and vote Democrat or Liberal Independent.

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