The United States in 2011

The Republican Part is slated to take control of at least the House of Representatives in 2011 after the election on Tuesday; there is a chance in the Senate, but it is less clear since many of the "tea party" candidates are fizzling when it was realized they were out of their minds, or witches, or both.

What this means to every America, and to the country as a whole, is a return to regressive policies, as well as new attacks on the President, as well as human decency.

So what will we face in 2011 if the Republicans take control of the congress?

  • Attempts to impeach Barack Obama, despite no evidence of wrongdoing, and in fact this will be a witch hunt to find the slightest bit of anything they can. After all, they went after Bill Clinton for a blow job, and not for what he did as a President.
  • Repeal of at least a part of the healthcare reforms, or Healthcare-Lite as it is today. In the future, we will return to a time when pre-existing conditions can make someone inelligible, and enabling insurance companies to drop people when they get sick. After all, profit above all else.
  • Anyone of a minority class will continue to be oppressed, gay rights will be rolled back, and we will begin a full-fledged move towards the ultimate goal of the far-right: adoption of a theocracy.

Frankly, this scares the hell out of me. The "majority" will hold control of their majority, and oppress others, as much as they can, while the poor and oppressed will continue to be as such.

Remember to vote on Tuesday, and vote Democrat or Liberal Independent.

Stop Teabagging Unless You Are a Billionaire

I just don't understand the whole concept of the teabagger movement.

A group of people has gotten together and decided that they will be controlled by the rich and powerful Republicans in the country. Every teabagger claims that Karl Rove is against them, but in reality, his political genius has enabled the Republican party to leverage the ignorant and lazy.

Let's assume for a minute that the teabaggers are sincere, and they they are very concerned with concepts like "deficits" and "trade" and "jobs". If this is so, then why can't they determine the difference between political terminology and economic policies, such as communism vs. socialism vs. fascism. 

What teabaggers really worry about is that a black man is going to save their bacon, and put them back on the right track. This would be an affront to their very racist views. They claim they are only concerned with economic issues, but then why are "pro-life" banners flown at a lot of these teabagger rallies.

Ultimately, anyone making $25,000 a year who thinks that a billionaire is looking our for their absolute best interests in either naive, and idiot, or both.

It’s Time

Where is the passion in what I write? I don't know, and that is why there hasn't been much content written here lately.

The reality is, I just have lacked the passion in my writing in recent months. So I need to sit down beginning tomorrow, and make sure I get myself going, get myself moving, and get my goals back on track.

I need to write more, I need to get fit, and I need to share more around the web. 

Music Between Generations

Every generation generally dislikes the music of the previous generation. This is simply the way things have been for over a century; simply put, whatever is new is not good when compared to what someone listened to when they were younger.

As I move into my mid-30s this coming November when I hit the big "33", I have begun to reflect back on my younger days, and what young people listen to today. I have to say, I hate today's music. Does that make me old? No! …and here is why…

Simply put, today's music sucks. Before everyone looks at me with that judgmental look of age, I should explain why today's music sucks. Simply put, today's music, more than any time in the past, is fabricated.

American Idol began this trend earlier in the decade, as they pushed through year after year of 'the best of the worst', mediocre singers that have their careers because of American Idol, and not because of talent. This is not to say that a lot of good singers have gone through American Idol, but most did not win because they didn't win the canned look of music. Then the Disney Channel grabbed it's big push with a lot of hit shows with tweens, pushing even more trash into the mix.

Where in the 90s and prior, talent had to be discovered, now celebrity is created through the thoughtful combination of television shows, albums, stadium shows, and the power of a major corporation backing them. Singers have to be studio corrected in order to sing and deliver a 'good' product, by which this means one or two hit songs, and a bunch fo filler; to sell the whole ball of garbage on iTunes, they include 'bonus extras' to push kids to buy the $15 digital album that used to cost $10 in the store on CD 5 years ago. Ever wonder about those stickers espousing which "hit songs" which are on the album, even though all but one of those 'hit songs' hasn't had a single minute of radio play. The recording industry decides how many hit songs a band or singer will have, what those songs will be, and the order in which they will become 'hits'.

The reality is, there is good music today, so don't think that this is simply dismissing an entire generation of singers. Look at the bands that aren't coming out of the production facilities, but are being truly discovered through normal means. For every one of those bands the record industry makes famous, they produce ten others in their hype manufacturing facilities.

At the end of the day, there is still some good music being produced, but there is a lot more crap being churned out. Ultimately, it is up to the listener to bring out the good from the bad. However, I feel bad for the young kids today who are growing up without real talent, instead co-opting whatever is coming out of Disney. Even if it isn't Disney, a major corporation, etc.; it still doesn't make music less manufactured in many cases.

After all, I can't be the only one who wants to wretch at Justin Bieber.

Are you a Mac or a PC? How so and what does it say about you?

I am most definitely a Mac.

Back and forth, I have owned both PCs and Macs in the past. My current machine is a Mac, and it will take a lot to push me back to the PC side.

When I look at a computer for personal use, I want something that allows me to do things very easily, and to have everything integrated. On a Mac, I can bring in my music, videos, photos, personal movies, and even create my own music using their included software; these applications are all integrated.

I can quickly geolocate my photos through drag and drop, and view them all on a map. I can gather all the people I know as "faces". While you can do that on a Windows machine, the reality is, you can't then integrate that content somewhere else. I can pull up iMovie, and select to have it show me photos of someone, and then bring those photos in, without having to even think about how to bring them in, resizing them exporting them, etc. The system will optimize them for me.

When I hook up my phone or my iPad to my notebook, they both synchronize completely, and allow me to have my content wherever I am. While there will be PC tablets, it is that total integration of all of my media that is really the key to success to me.

My Mac does everything I want it to do, and it does it easily.

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Age Gracefully or “Be” Young

Aging gracefully. It is something very few people do; those that do don't age as much as others might. After all, if you still have every hair on your head in it's original color than it becomes easier to "get older" as you move into your 30s. For the rest of us, aging 'gracefully' is not necessarily something that comes easy.

Perhaps it is the first time someone in their 20s calls you "sir" instead of "dude", or perhaps it is simply the fading hairline and silver threads coming through. Regardless, as you look into the mirror, you begin to see someone different. You try to act young, you like a lot of the things the "young" do, and in your mind you're still 'in the know', but really you're about ten years away from where they are.

As someone who is thirty two years old, I honestly cringe at many of the things that are occuring within our youth obsessed culture; I never got the whole 'tattoo everything' thing, or the multiple piercings and brightly colored hair. This really isn't different, though, then what I was like when I was younger, though.

There is this beauty in not having to worry about tomorrow, being able to cast aside work at a whim, and not worry constantly because you are in an 8-5 job. As you move into your thirties, suddenly you are in the thick of it, and you are constantly worrying about everything; work is always on the mind. This, of course, then lends to increasing stress which then results in the hair graying faster than you would prefer. Science shows that graying hair is not caused by stress, but I think it has to have some correlation. After all, if it is simply your body producing pigments, then surely putting duress on the body and mind might result in effects like reduced pigmentation.

Ultimately, though, if you don't believe that you are old, then you probably won't be, other than simply in age and medical history. Keeping a young mind is key to ensuring you have your pulse on what is going on in the world. I know way too many people around my age who "don't get Twitter" or think Facebook "is something for the kids". "Social Networking" is so beyonds kids play, and I get that; it's the sharing of information as people absorb more and more data points. Amazingly, I've always had this capacity to hold tons of data points in my head and use them. It keeps my mind sharp to continually think, and this, in turn, allows me to still 'think young' even though I am slogging my way through my early 30s.

Am I in the best shape I could be to "be young"? No, I'm not, and it is something I know I need to work on now, rather than later. Mentally, I'm young, but physically I know I am older than I used to be. This is probably my last-ditch hurrah, and I need to make the most of it. Now is the opportunity to improve my health. I know if I don't do it now, I will suffer the consequences.

Age is physical, age is mental. We accept the things we can't control, and those that we can, we grab the bull by the horns, and stay on the top of our game. 

Thumbplay Poaches Apple Executive, Launches Subscription Music Service – Mac Rumors

While the launch of yet another music service is not terribly newsworthy by itself, Thumbplay has also announced the hiring of former Apple executive Pablo Calamera as Chief Technology Officer. Calamera has held several positions at Apple, most recently a Director in Apple's Engineering division, overseeing development of MobileMe since 2006. He also spent time with Microsoft acquisitions Danger and WebTV.


So they stole away the guy in charge of MobileMe? Somehow I think Apple should be glad to lose that one.

Sarah, What’s a Retard?

Dear Sarah, oh naive Sarah. I know you like to stir up controversy by running around talking about how everyone else is stirring up controversy. After all, Seth MacFarlane should be ashamed of himself for mocking you, a public figure. However, you have forgotten something, unfortunately. You see, for there to be a controversy, someone has to care. Honestly, I, and most of America, does not care, either.

You run around feigning insult from anyone who conflicts with your personal narrative of how the world works. The truth is, Seth MacFarlane wasn’t insulting your “child” or “grandchild”, depending on which narrative we believe. (Aside: It doesn’t help that Levi Johnston wouldn’t actually show us his “johnston” in Playgirl, lending credence that he probably couldn’t have knocked up your daughter, not that I discount that he is the father.)

As someone who claims to be so in tune with America, I know that you know that the “American Language”, because lets not insult the language by continuing to call the bastardization “English”, is a constantly changing dialect based on the people in the country, and the intellect that those people possess. When a 17 year old says something is gay, it isn’t a disparaging insult to a homosexual, but a bastardization that is probably followed by the phrase, “epic fail”. When anyone uses the term “retarded”, it isn’t a disparaging remark about someone with a true disability, but a remark about society.

When someone says retarded in your direction, regardless of who it is, it isn’t targeted towards Trig, who is suffering from a terrible disorder that perhaps can be cured at some point in the future. Indeed, due your lack of comprehension of reality, your insistent need to distort the truth to meet your own narrative, and your feigning insult at every faux controversy you create while you seem to be a completely capable and high functioning member of society, this is what makes you the retard.